Scottish Soaps Luxury Pamper Set

Scottish Fine Soaps

Renowned manufacturer of pampering products "Scottish Fine Soaps" have been producing high quality beauty products for over thirty five years; the passion that they bring to their products is self-evident. Situated in the lovely Stirlingshire countryside, the company takes a "Stirling" pride in marketing a quality product that supports the principle that both the body and the mind should be pampered.

They may only have a small compilation of bath products, but the quality more than makes up for the quantity here and Poetica is a front-runner in this collection. A blend of delicate floral notes, fruits and spices have been incorporated in the Scottish Fine Soaps Poetica Luxury Pampering Set, and as a complete de-stressing experience it actually lives up to its name - truly offering a luxury pampering to the highest degree.

The Poetica range is based on the natural emollient property of cocoa butter together with the skin revitalising vitamin supplements provided by almond oil. This seductive blend of ingredients combines to transform bath time into a pleasurable, relaxing experience.

The body butter is highly enriched with cocoa butter, and the same spicy, floral notes that exist throughout the Poetica range. It does not simply moisturise the skin and leave it soft and silky,(though it does that exceptionally well) but it also exudes a delicious cloud of fragrance.

Used in combination with the body wash and shampoo, the Poetica range gives top-to-toe skin and hair care.

The Poetica Pampering Set is beautifully presented in a clear travel bag, and contains 50 millilitres each of body wash, body shampoo and body butter to provide for the perfect showering experience.

This set makes a fabulous thoughtful gift for a birthday or Christmas present, so order now. In fact, you could buy two or three sets? They are great products to have on hand whenever you need a gift for an unexpected occasion.

Even better, click now and order The Poetica Luxury Pampering Set as a special treat for yourself.

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