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The very first man (species, not gender) to walk upright (the caveman) was covered head to foot in fur, and most likely smelt like a gorilla enclosure. This was most likely the norm in those days (Despite my being quite ancient, I wasn’t there, so can’t comment!) and mates were chosen with the same pheromones that exist in people today, albeit masked by the other odours picked up through the rigours of the day. Hunting was an essential part of survival, and man first noticed their prey were aware of their presence, even whilst hidden. Staying downwind, so the hunter’s scent was carried away rather than towards the target, offered a better element of surprise. Covering their bodies with natural vegetation and masking the scent offered the advantage of keeping the element of surprise if the wind direction was against the hunter. I imagine the river was then used to remove the undesirable detritus of the camouflage.(I hope so, or the cave would smell even worse).

Further down the timeline, man had lost his fur by way of evolution, and animal skin clothing had taken its place to maintain body heat in colder climate and times. In the Roman period (and throughout other cultures across the years) Public Baths were introduced, to offer a healthy way of life; hygiene. People would stay in the heated pools (men and women together) and soak to soften and open the pores of the skin. Maidens would wait as the patron emerged, and scrape the entire body with a wooden spatula to remove dead skin and of course dirt. The body would then feel invigorated, with smooth fresh-looking new skin, which was exceptionally clean in appearance. Exfoliation had been born, and this would catch on.

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Certain scented oils and potions could be anointed to give a pleasant aura of perfume, to perhaps accentuate the fact that a person had effectively had a bath! It certainly created a divide of classes, as grimy, unkempt urchins now had the monopoly on holding the residue of bustling townships.

Further improvements in hygiene were met when a sewerage system was introduced. The Black Death was transmitted by rats, but experts of the day mistakenly thought that it was caught from the foul smells, rather than the bacteria within. Indeed, the Houses of Parliament had massive, heavy curtains encasing the inner walls saturated with rose water and other strong scents, as they believed that would shield them from the smell, and hence the disease. I suppose that in an increasing population like London, and throwing all of your waste into the street or river, would certainly encourage rats and disease, flies and goodness knows not many happy tourists. Taking all the waste underground through channels into the sea, cleaned up the streets in a record time, and has saved countless thousand of lives.The toilet came later, but at least for now it all ended up in the sea rather than the street.

People by now had of course realised the importance of washing, and had been doing so for many hundreds of years. The bathwater went into the sewer now, rather than the streets, and that made a huge difference. Plumbing in this manner meant that purpose built baths (and their rooms) were becoming a reality rather than “the tin bath in front of the fire” scenario that many miners’ families have memories of throughout the generations. Different methods of cleaning had become commonplace, with soaps and shampoos being developed and offered in a variety of scents and ingredients.Terry towelling had been developed to assist not only in drying following bathing, but also to help remove some of the now soft, dead skin.

Modern day has very few families worldwide without the bathroom as we know it. In the ever-important day and age of image, many extra items are now finding their way into these bathrooms. The power shower, electric toothbrushes, even illuminated spa baths now adorn the family bathrooms up and down the country. Beauty products such as hair-straighteners, hair-curlers, trimmers, strimmers, vibrating razors, epilators, you name it, you can probably find it somewhere in a bathroom/dressing table near you. Here is a cost effective, invaluable kit which can keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, without spending the afternoon in Roman Baths.

Rio Microderma Compact Microdermabrasion System
We all know the importance of exfoliation to maintain smooth clear skin with that youthful look, as removing dead skin cells give an obvious, natural fresh result.

Microdermabrasion uses tiny oscillations to massage the included Microderma crème into the skin, accelerating natural skin removal and visibly rejuvenating the complexion.

Although the crème is suitable for sensitive skin, it is recommended that you do a patch test on the inside of your forearm or on a small area of skin for possible skin reaction.

Simplicity itself to use, you clean your face with a soap-free cleanser, rinse and pat dry. Apply the crème to the sponge and dab onto the face (forehead, cheeks, chin and nose). Switch the unit on and gently massage the crème into each treatment area for about 1-2 minutes. The vibrating unit effectively distributes the crème ensuring an even microdermabrasion action. Once finished, clean your face and gently towel dry.

The unit has two speeds, for added comfort, and is presented in a compact, portable, easy to use ergonomic lightweight application device. Recommended by dermatologists and only recently developed for home use, this kit allows you to control your own skincare regime, without appointments or travel/parking nightmares, at your own convenience and in your own environment. All the benefits of salon microdermabrasion, but at home, and in comfort.

Regular use will help even out skin tone, which in itself can save time in foundation application if make-up is required on a daily basis. Natural skin renewal occurs following exfoliation, but with use of the Microderma crème this is accelerated, to give that fresh looking clean smooth youthful appearance. Microdermabrasion is also proven to help with skin blemishes and acne scar removal.

It is recommended that for evening treatments, a mild, unscented night cream should be used and a moisturiser for daytime treatments, with a SPF30 rating. The batteries are included (I love it when that happens; it should be mandatory, to avoid parents rushing around on Christmas morning looking for a corner shop that sells batteries for their child’s new toy!) and as they are the ever popular AAs (R6) which are readily available from everywhere except the Ice Cream van!

As previously mentioned, the crème is suitable for sensitive skin, ideal for microdermabrasion at home; also and thankfully the contents are listed; admirable, as anyone who suffers allergies can cross-check these ingredients to ensure they are indeed safe for their personal use. My mother cannot use many types of soap due to allergies, and even certain materials result in a rash; this is another fine point for a manufacturer who obviously has the customer’s care at heart. The ingredients of Microderma crème are therefore listed for consideration: aqua (water), paraffinum liquidium (mineral oil), glycerin, glyceryl stearate, prunus armeniaca (apricot seed) powder, stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, propylparaben

Included in the kit is the Compact Microdermabrasion Unit, Microderma Crème, a stand, four sponge applicators and two x AA Batteries. This is an ideal kit for a gift as well as your own arsenal of beauty products, and I must say I am impressed with the pricing, given that this is a new addition to home technology, and this usually reflects in a higher price initially..

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