Does Slendertone Work?

Women’s Slendertone System + Abs Toning Belt

Slendertone is a system that has been approved by the FDA to work effectively all the abdominal muscles by contraction. Signals are sent through Gel pads to force muscles to contract, tone and tighten resulting in a beautifully toned tummy, according to a Slendertone review.

Does Slendertone work? This simple and painless method allows women everywhere to develop gorgeous abs that make their every day clothing look great but are perfect to show off in the summer bikini without hitting the gym daily. The system communicates with the nerves that control the three primary abdominal muscles. The process is painless and relaxing. It can even make the lower back feel great.

The system is affordable and easy, which adds to its appeal. There are ten unique programs along with two additional sports programs to provide needed variety with the ability to adjust the intensity of the workout.

The writer of the Slendertone review prefers to set the intensity near the middle, but your own special needs may cause you to choose different settings. The LCD visual and audio display screen helps you to keep up with moves as you go along.

The system is very compact, so it is easy to wear and go about your daily activities. It can be used while cleaning house, driving your car or watching television. It can give the same effect as hundreds of pushups and allow you to tone during everyday activities.

This system is designed for women of all ages and results are quick. There are no special requirements for use of the device.

Many women notice a difference within weeks. The system guarantees results in as little as 4 weeks. When combined with normal routines and workouts, it provides a powerful tool in your arsenal to keep your body beautiful all year long.

Women's Slendertone Reviews are all incredibly positive. Those already using the system seem to love it. This should help consumers to feel more confidence in buying their own system.

This system is ideal for women needing to tone their troublesome abdominal areas. It can accomplish what you do not have time to do on your own.

Does the Slendertone work? According to independent studies, 100% of the women using the system report that it firms their abs. In addition, these users report increased endurance and strength. The device strengthens the core, resulting in firmer, stronger and more toned muscles.

Ladies looking for a way to tighten the abs without hours in the gym will find this device useful. It is easily understood, easily used, requires little storage space, needs little maintenance and provides results.

Real women that use the Slendertone report that they love the device. It has won the approval of the FDA and is one device you can know works.

The Women's Slendertone System is worth a try by any woman. There is no reason to avoid trying it. It has been guaranteed to work and will fit almost every size. Start now to tone your core and you will be ready when summer bathing suit time rolls around.

US visitors, please click here for our review of the North American version of the Slendertone.

Three out of five stars.
We liked
It really does work.
We didn't like
It's no substitute for a work-out at the gym and a healthy diet.

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