Babyliss Big Hair Review

Babyliss Big Hair

I do not write online product reviews very often but I am so happy with my new Babyliss Big Hair Curling Iron that I wanted to let other women know about all of its great features. First of all the product eliminates the need for me to use a flat iron, blow dryer and hot rollers. I spend around a half an hour blow drying my hair and then another twenty minutes curling it with hot rollers or using the iron when hair straightening.

As you might imagine, I spend plenty of time preparing my hair each morning. The Babyliss product combines two functions. It dries my wet hair and curls my hair at the same time. My hair looks sleek and gorgeous and I get just the right amount of curl. By the time that I am finished, it looks like I have just had my hair professionally styled. Since the product produces less heat, it does not damage my hair. My hair looks healthy, and I have less breakage and split ends than I used to have. Since I do not have to get haircuts as often as I did before I end up saving money on hairdresser costs.

In the past, I used hot rollers to give my hair a fuller look. Not the 1980’s big hair look but I needed more volume so I could style my hair nicely. This product gives me the amount of volume that I need and I do not have to use a ton of hairspray, mousse or gel. I no longer have to put a ton of sticky products in my hair to get the sexy volume that I desire. The unique product lifts my hair during the drying process so I end up with more volume without spending time styling. This makes a big difference when it comes to how fast I can achieve the look I love. I love the fact that I have control over the amount of volume that I create each time I use the product. It makes it easy for me to achieve moderate volume before I head off to work and then later create fuller, dramatic hair for a night out on the town.

I have a sensitive scalp and usually get a headache whenever a brush or comb pulls on my hair. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about my new product hurting my head. The soft brush bristles are so gentle it feels just like a head massage. When I first purchased the product, I was worried about pulling because of the moving parts but I have found it to be extremely gentle. The rolling bristles do not become tangled in my hair and they do no create any unnecessary tugging and pulling. It is a gentle intake and knotting is not a problem. The brush rotation is available in two convenient speeds. I like the lower speed since my hair is fine. I personally do not need the high-powered setting but I am sure that it would work well for those who need it.

The Babyliss Big Hair product is guaranteed to work well for three years. Do not get me wrong, I am sure that the product will last much longer than three years because it is made of high quality materials. The product is durable, but sometimes accidents do happen and even the best of products can suddenly break down. I feel confident with the three-year guarantee offered by the company. It is a lengthy guarantee for a beauty product and I think that the price of the product is fair. I love how great my hair looks now and I would recommend the product to any woman who wants to have hair that looks professionally styled in just a few minutes. Babyliss also offers terrific hair straightening products for women.

US visitors, please click here for our review of the North American version of the BaByliss Big Hair.

Five out of five stars.
We liked
Easy to get great results. Best rotating iron around. Bargain price point.
We didn't like
Quite large, might be hard for some people to hold.

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